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Animal ESP?
The article does not really answer any questions and I would want more details about the stories, but we all have encountered things we cannot explain with animals.

The elephant story is pretty amazing. I have heard of dogs knowing that someone has died. It is an area that needs a lot more study. Smiley43
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Just my luck to try to load the video at peak time won't load, so I'll watch it later on tonight.

But I am not surprised as I am certain many animals have senses beyond the ordinary five. I think we do too, but have forgotten how to access them! Probably our left-brain bias evolutionary phase, which has probably been a very important thing we all need to learn, has got in the way of accessing those senses, and our abilities will return, when we begin to pay them more attention.

I used to have a dog called Toby. A white Jack Russell. He was a bit of a 'handful' in some ways, though a great little dog. One day he started barking, rushed to the door, wagging, greeting someone who wasn't there. I let him out to the garden, and he raced up and down the lawn, as he normally did when his favourite pal was visiting (my friend Peter, who liked him very much)
I looked outside but Peter's car was not there, and no sign of a car. And no-one else around. I just thought "Oh he got that wrong, Peter isn't visiting. It's not his usual time to come round anyway."

About 10 minutes later -unexpectedly, Peter turned up! I told him what had happened with Toby, and he said that was the time he suddenly decided to visit, and left his house to get in the car.
Yes, the article gives a quick "Cook's Tour" of the issue. The best "hard evidence", if that is what you are looking for, Catherine, is the research of the famous biologist, Rupert Sheldrake. In particular, I recommend his work, "Dogs that know when their owners are coming home":

You can read more generally about his research into animal ESP here:

As for the elephant story you mention - ah, I know that well! Lawrence Anthony loved elephants and they loved him. This was on a level which some humans can find hard to understand. But rest assured, he is still busy - only elsewhere.....(clue: not on earth!) !
I love the story of the elephants. It is so touching that they paid respects to their friend. You are right, where ever he is, he is still active.

There will never be actual measurable scientific results. I think these extra senses are too subtle. However so many of us have had experiences like that with animals and ourselves. I think of someone I haven't heard from in a while and then the phone rings. Dogs Like your Toby just seem to know that someone is coming.
Dogs seem to know about death, but so do some people.

It would be good if we could study the phenomena more carefully and try to understand what is happening. Is it one sense or are there a number of different senses. Why do some people/animals become aware and others do not.
I have a good sense of danger/impending accident and have prevented things from happening. Am I just very good at assessing things or is it an extra sense. It would be an interesting research project, but hard to sort out the data collected.

I will check our library for the dog books. Our old family dog always knew when my father was about to arrive because he would go to the door. No he did not come home at the same time and I doubt that he heard him coming because he would go to the door too soon for that.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Ah....dear Lawrence Anthony! What a beautiful Soul, and the Elephants know that. Blessings to him.
Quote:Ah....dear Lawrence Anthony! What a beautiful Soul, and the Elephants know that. Blessings to him.

He did great things and deserved every honour that was paid to him. I think the honour the elephants paid him would have really pleased him.Heart
Animals seem to know who is good and who is not. I guess that is another sign of their extra senses.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I have always thought that animals see us as we are and not how we try to project ourselves. We had dogs when I was young and if any of them disliked a person then we all knew to beware.
Greeting from Wales.
Hwyl Fawr o'r Cymru.
This is the web site of the rescue I volunteer at.
Animals don't see the disguises, they see the real person. They certainly recognize our real emotions and not the ones we project.
That is why they work so well in therapy and law enforcement.

I hope somebody is studying this. It would be worth knowing more about.
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We are the same way today. If Payne doesn't like you [and she loves everyone] then you best be on your way.
Also, I don't know if you would call it ESP or just very sensitive senses, but I know any time we have had severe weather my dogs will get agitated well before any storm hits.
I have learned to pay very close attention!!
[Image: m0223.gif] Come join the fun! [Image: m0218.gif]
They say animals react before severe weather. They also react before earthquakes. If all the animals near me started running in a direction, I would follow now and ask questions later.
I think animals also have a sense about volcanos.
Whether it is just superior senses or extra senses, I am with you. I take animals seriously, especially a dog like Payne. Smile
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