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Dog vs drone...the dog won
A guy with a new drone kept flying it over the neighbor's dog. The dog was in his own yard, and he grabbed the drone and wrecked it.
The police were called and in the end the drone operator tried suing the dog owner. He lost and he ended up owing money to the dog owner for vets bill.
Also, the drone was not properly registered. So, he is in trouble over that.

The guy should have left the dog alone. He was deliberately harassing the dog with his drone. Of course, the dog destroyed it.
He still should have left things alone. Because he went after the dog and his owner, he ended up paying them.
I think the dog won this battle very well. He not only destroyed the drone, the guy also probably won't be allowed to have to have a drone again.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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