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Hope for Rhinos
Rhinos have been horribly depleted by poachers. Their numbers are dangerously low. Some of the species may not survive. 
There is good news for the Black Rhinos in Zimbabwe. Conservation efforts are working.
The rangers remove the rhino horns, so the Rhino is not worth poaching. For years they have been rescuing the orphaned baby rhinos and raising them.
Two of their orphans have grown up and produced a baby rhino. Other orphaned females appear to be pregnant.

They are not just keeping these babies alive, they are thriving and growing up to live normal lives. Dehorning has reduced poaching. It is still a problem, but at least things can be done to stop it. It will take continued vigilance, but it is worth it.
The numbers of Black Rhinos are increasing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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