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Rescue dogs from Northern Manitoba arrive in the Ottawa Valley.
Riverview Rescues is working to rescue dogs from Northern Manitoba. There are many strays that need rescue. This time they brought out 44 dogs.
In the northern communities there are no vets and no way to spay and neuter dogs.
The rescue group drove 2,600 km to Thunder Bay to pick up the dogs. They had been brought there from remote northern Manitoba communities.

This is part of a problem that is happening in all the northern Canadian communities. There are many dogs, but there are no vets and no way to spay or neuter.
They numbers just keep increasing every year. There are not even the numbers of people up north to provide homes for the dogs.
There are a number of rescue groups working to bring strays to places where they can find homes.
There also needs to be some veterinary intervention. It is very expensive to travel to some areas. Even if a vet wanted to volunteer, it would be an expensive trip. 
It is very expensive to bring the dogs out.
This might be something that needs some government help. Certainly the sooner the strays are rescued the better. While they still live as strays their numbers keep increasing.
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