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Puppies abandoned in a basement
CC RezQs got a call about puppies abandoned in a basement.  The door was open, but the  bottom steps had been removed so the puppies were trapped. They still had water, but they had no food. They were in horrible conditions. Some had been cut on the broken glass that was everywhere. They were scared and uncertain.
There were eleven of them. 
The rescue is asking for help to deal with so many puppies. 
Dandy's Artisan Ice-cream collecting supplies and money to help the rescue care for the puppies and find foster homes and forever homes for them.

What kind of people go off and leave eleven puppies to starve in a dirty, dangerous basement?
Out there is someone who chose to leave these puppies. I can understand that they may have been unable to care for the puppies.
It might have been an accident that they were born. That doesn't excuse leaving them alone and hungry and possibly to die in that basement. 
They may never find who did this, but they know who they are and some of their friends and family must know.

For now the important thing is for eleven healthy happy puppies to be in new loving homes. That is what really matters now. Somehow it will happen.
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