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Dogs ride bus to doggy daycare
A small town in Alaska has a dog walker/doggy daycare. The idea has really taken off and now there are a number of dogs involved. So they bought a doggy "school bus" for them to pick them up and drop them off. The dogs  wait for the bus and love to get on and greet their doggy friends. They even know where to sit for the ride.

The idea of a bus full of dogs is hilarious. Watching them board the bus is delightful. 
It is an amazing idea and the dogs clearly love it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I saw this on Facebook what a happy bunch of dogs,my local boarding kennel does doggy care I follow them as well,I haven't needed a kennel for Edward yet but if I did he'd go to this one they have a cattery as well.
Everything seems to be done to make the dogs happy. That is what I have noticed about doggy daycares.
I like the fact that they let you follow them on Facebook. That tells me they are sure of how good their care is.

It is nice that you have somewhere good nearby that could look after Edward if he needed it.
We don't like to go away and leave our pets, but sometimes we need to go somewhere.

A place that has a doggy bus is too good. I would like to ride that bus. It would be a fun ride every day because dogs would never get tired of going for a ride.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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