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Home-Baked Healthy Dog Biscuits

Cheesy Bikkies

Fine Oatmeal
A dash of olive oil
Grated cheese (or vegan cheese can be substituted.)
A little water
Cookie cutter (small)
Mix the ingredients to make a dough, then roll out about 1/2" thick, cut into shapes with the cookie cutter, and bake on very low heat until very slightly browned, Cool. ....and serve!
They are very crunchy when cool. Perfect! Humans with good teeth can eat them too.

Instead of cheese, or to make various flavours, they can be made also with
Carrots (grated)....Apples (grated) and Peanut Butter.

NO additives, carcinogens, colourings, 'animal derivatives', yucky fats,or anything nasty!

(My dog used to love baking day!)Smiley34
These biscuits would be good for hamsters and guinea pigs as well. I would just use the apples, carrots or peanutbutter.
I think I would enjoy them as a snack. They certainly would be a healthy treat for a dog and as you say, baking day is a favourite day when you bake your own pet treats.
They could be made as Christmas cookies for a dog so that there would be something special instead of unsuitable human food.Biggrinsmiley
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

They sound delicious and no salmonella either!!
[Image: m0223.gif] Come join the fun! [Image: m0218.gif]
Good point and it would all be human grade food so no worries about what is actually in the biscuits.

I wonder if it has to be olive oil. I usually use canola oil.
I used to make my own crackers and these sound a little like what I was making. I went to get my oatmeal out and it turned out to be corn flour. I had bought an extra bag on sale and put it in the oatmeal container, without changing the label. It felt full and it was, but not with oatmeal.49
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Making your own homemade dog treats can be a fun reward for you dog
You could use fun cookie cutters and make interesting shapes. I must try a recipe. I think I would like them as much as a dog would.Biggrinsmiley
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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