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Film maker talks about animal cruelty in her film
This film was made years ago and I will never watch it. 

The film maker chose to burn sheep alive in her movie. She talks about it now and I didn't sense she was sorry she did it. 
This happened before there were regulations about the use of animals in movies. Film sets are watched now.
Her justification was that they were going to be killed anyhow.
The fact that they suffered horribly doesn't seem to bother her.

This won't be the only movie that had actual acts of animal cruelty in it. It probably only stopped because humane societies and SPCA groups monitor things.
There are changes for the better because we demand them. We need to keep demanding better so that nothing as horrible as this movie ever happens again.
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My first thought was: were there no animal cruelty laws when the film was made? I had to do a search to find out that this film was made in 1990: before the fall of communism, in Hungary, which was then part of the communist bloc in eastern Europe.

Fortunately, Hungary joined the EU a long time ago - and the EU has strict animal welfare laws, which would not allow such horrors as happened in the film. I share your concern, Catherine, that the lady who made this film does not seem to regret her actions. She says that she hopes that "God will forgive her" - but still insists that the film had to be made in the way it was and the animal cruelty was "essential".

Truly horrific. The pain of being burnt alive is incredible. People who have suffered extreme burns and have survived will tell you what it is like.
I feel sick just thinking about it. What she did was horrifically cruel.
I am suspicious that some of the older movies I have watched had scenes of animal cruelty.
It was a long time ago, but it looked like some animals were actually killed.

The EU has strong animal welfare laws. Other countries still need to work on them. The film industry complies because they have to. I am not sure all film makers want to comply.

We do have to be vigilant, because it would be too easy for the laws to be over turned.
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