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Rescued puppy is not a puppy dog
Well intentioned people saw a lost puppy om the side of the road and rescued him. It didn't take long for them to wonder what he really was.
It turns out he was a very young Coyote pup. Fortunately the Cape Wildlife Center was able to help them. They were already raising a young female Coyote.
Raising them together would help them learn natural social interaction. They are also being raised with out human interaction.
This allows them to be released to the wild in the future.

Perhaps the little Coyote did need rescuing. He was too young to be without his mother. 
It is good they didn't keep him too long. If they had tried to make him into a pet, releasing him would have been impossible.
Any time we find wildlife we need to let a wildlife center take care of it. It is the only hope a little creature has of a normal, natural life.
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