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Kiska, the last captive Orca in Canada, has died
Kiska has been held captive since she was captured in 1979. She was about 47 years old. She was kept in a tank at Marineland in Ontario. 
She was no longer being forced to do shows for people, but her needs were not being met. Towards the end she was mostly just floating listlessly.

Sadly, Kiska did not live long enough to make it to an whale sanctuary where she could experience freedom. After so many years she could not be returned to the wild, but she did deserve a chance to live in a sanctuary. The only good thing is that she will not be replaced by another captive orca. The nightmare of captive orcas at Marineland ends with her.

RIP Kiska. I hope the Rainbow bridge takes you to the open ocean.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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