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Three rabbits found abandoned in a box
A woman walking along a Vancouver street noticed a box that was moving. When she checked it out there were three rabbits in the box. It is winter so they were cold and frightened. One of them is pregnant. Rabbitats Rescue Society took them in and is caring for them. They were very thin and traumatized. It will take time for them to recover.
Rabbitats is having people call every day to give up their rabbits. 
People rushed to get pet rabbits during the pandemic. Now they want to rehome them.

In  this case the people didn't rehome their bunnies. They didn't give them to a rabbit rescue. They dumped them in a box on the street.
Every time I see a box or a bag sitting outside, unattended, I go and look. I am always afraid of what I will find. I am more afraid I will miss a box and some poor little creature will not be rescued in time.

It takes a cold hearted person to put a pregnant rabbit in a box and leave her out in the cold.
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