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Human activity impacting Tasmanian Devils
Studies are showing that humans are having an impact on the diet of Tasmanian Devils. 
In areas where humans have changed the environment, the Tasmanian Devil diet is restricted. In old growth, untouched forest the animals diet is the most varied. Even in restored forest areas the diet is not as varied. Open fields of cleared land are the worst for the Tasmanian Devils. 
The changes in diet sometimes force the animals to share a carcass and be in close contact. This furthers the spread of a highly contagious, lethal cancer,
Devil Facial Tumor Disease. This puts more strain on the population numbers.
Right now it is critical that any areas of old growth forest be preserved.

Once again humans are having a negative impact on the environment and particular species in the environment.
Interesting about the restored forest not comparing to the old growth forests. We are always saying we will put things back the way they were, but it seems we are not able to do that. 
We really need to rethink how we treat the environment and leave it alone. The Tasmanian Devils need untouched areas to thrive and survive.
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