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Dog walker charged
Some of you may remember the six dogs that were first reported stolen and later turned out to have died when left in the dog walkers truck. She has been charged and will end up in court. I do not know what the penalties will be, but it is safe to say that she is finished as a dog walker.

I think if she had admitted her mistake people would be less angry. Pretending they were stolen put the owners through added grief and gave them false hope.
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It is fair enough that Ms Paulsen should face the consequences of her actions and neglect. If she had admitted the terrible 'accident' immediately, it would have been better for her. But it was not really an accident but lack of attention and care. I hope she learns from this.
I agree with both of you. Her own dog was killed with the others. I'm sure that she already sincerely regrets her actions, including the initial deceit. I think it likely that she will accept her punishment from the courts. Whether she will learn to forgive herself, is a harder question....self-acknowledged guilt can lie heavy on the soul for quite a while
Yes, guilt can be hard to shift, and is destructive of course. The only thing which helps that is Love. A period of truly loving deeds and receiving and giving unconditional love helps to wash guilt, pain and regret. I do hope this woman finds a way during her life to allow those things to happen. Although what she did will remain as a scar, she may progress to forgive herself.
What she did was fraud in the first place. People paid her to take their dogs for walks and she wasn't doing it. When her actions had tragic consequences she tried to hide them with a big lie.

She certainly deserves to be charged. Whether she has really accepted responsibility and is truly sorry, that I am not sure about.

If she really feels guilty and remorseful then she could work through it. She could balance things with good works. If she starts rationalizing and making excuses I would doubt she will change.

She had to rationalize taking money for service that she did not give. It wasn't the first time. It was just the first time there were serious consequences. If the dogs hadn't died she would have continued to take the money without actually walking the dogs.
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