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Trapped Otters turn out to be Beavers
Someone called Secret World Wildlife Rescue to report two Otters trapped in a storm drain. When the Rescue staff got there the Otters turned out to be Beavers. They are a little bigger and harder to rescue, but they were safely removed from the storm drain. They are now recovering at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife. They are doing well and eating plenty. Soon they will be returned to the wild.

Beaver have not been seen in England in many years. No wonder someone thought they were otters. It is a sign that the beaver have returned when they actually need rescuing. No doubt these two will settle in when they are released and establish themselves in the area. The rewilding and reintroduction of beaver is working. This is good news for the environment in England.

Wildlife rescues are needed and they are very busy.
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