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Racoon problem in Toronto?
Some people see Racoons as just a part of life in T.O. Others see them as dangerous marauders who threaten people. Sadly some people have been guilty of horrible acts of cruelty towards our racoons.

This is our Mayor(until Oct 27) talking about racoons.

The obvious is to not mix food in with recycling and don't put your garbage out late at night. There are easy ways of locking the garbage cans.

One of our city counselors is dead against racoons.
The incident with the shovel really shocked people. The man beat a litter of baby racoons with a shovel. He did it in front of their mother.
That is a little more than scaring them from your garden.

The racoons were here first and many of us live with them just fine.

I think this link will take you to Racoon Nation a documentary about racoons.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

We can't really blame wildlife (not just Racoons) for hunting for scraps among our garbage. Humans often waste a lot of good food. Also a spreading population has encroached on the natural territories of wildlife, so we are living more side-by-side than ever.
The easiest answer is to close rubbish bins in such a way that wildlife can't open them, but garbage collectors can.

What that man did to those little ones is hate-filled. It speaks more about his temper and re-directed aggression, than about any Racoon problem. There is no need for that cruelty
A lot of the places where racoons are a problem(Japan) they were brought in as pets and then released. Raccoons do not work out as pets. They are so cute as babies and very cuddly, but a mature racoon is a wild animal. It is our fault that they are there.

In places like Toronto the racoons have been around a long time. As you say, when we look after our garbage there is no problem. If people keep their homes repaired they cannot get in to build nests. We have a lot of badly repaired garages that they can hide in. Many people have their yards filled with junk. It is a rat and racoon paradise.

All our edible garbage is supposed to be put in the green bins and they are small enough to be stored inside. I only put mine out on garbage day. Racoons are nocturnal. If you put the can out in the morning, there is no problem.
Once again we blame the animals for our bad behavior.

The guy with the shovel was out of control. I am glad he is not my neighbour. Or maybe he should be glad I am not his neighbour.Angry
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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