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Orangutan Orphans rescued
It is sad that we keep clearing forest and leaving Orangutans with no place to live. What is worse is the number of babies that are orphaned.

There are amazing efforts to rescue these babies and teach them to live wild. It is working, but it takes years for one baby to grow up and live free.

They are such cute babies and they are so vulnerable. They need to be mothered for years. I commend the people who are working to save this wonderful great ape cousin while there is still time.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

These poor little things! Thank goodness the Rescue and rehab center is there to help them. Living as pets, especially in some of the circumstances described -is not the answer, and it's good they are being shown how to survive in the wild when they are old enough to be returned.

Unfortunately humans are destroying their natural habitat, and I can't see that encroachment and destruction of forest coming to an end any day soon. Each day more and more natural land is claimed for human concerns. There are just too many of us on this planet, all wanting so much....
The irony is that the palm oil is not good for us.

The palm oil is high in saturated fat. So it is not a good alternative to butter and it is not ecologically sustainable.

The whole deforestation thing is affecting the health of the planet itself. The orphaned orangutans are really just a symptom of a bigger problem. I am just glad that they are being rescued and rehabilitated.
It takes years to teach them how to live in the forest as an orangutan.
The health of the forest depends on the orangutans. Some plants seeds only germinate after an orangutan has eaten them and passed them.
It is scary the damage we are doing to the planet. People ask me if I am afraid of my snakes. No, what I fear is deforestation, global warming and catastrophic climate change. Those things can damage the whole planet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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