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Personal Fundraising -New Policy-Please read.
We understand that sometimes funds for the veterinary treatment of a pet can be difficult to find. And at times like that, online fundraising ventures can be very helpful and have successful results. Even the smallest donations, when made by many people, can make sure an animal gets the treatment it needs, when the veterinary bills are higher than the animal's caretaker can afford.

For a while now, our Forum's policy has been that DIRECT LINKS to fundraising venues cannot be posted on the open Forum, and instead, at the discretion of our staff, the person running the appeal can be contacted only via private message, for members and guests to obtain the link.

However -please note -that our policy has recently changed.

It is extremely difficult for us to tell if a personal appeal for money is genuine, or an internet scam, of which, sadly, there are many nowadays. Yet we do not want to turn our backs on those who genuinely need assistance.

Any donations by members or guests can now only be made DIRECTLY TO THE VET who is providing treatment, or to the hospital, clinic, practitioner, or other veterinary health care worker.

Anyone wishing to post a personal fundraising link, please do write about the pet, its needs, (pictures can be included if wished) and supply the name and location of the vet who has recommended treatment, plus website address, etc
This information is necessary before the post can be approved by our staff. Non-compliance with this policy will, unfortunately, lead to the post being removed.

N.B. The new rule does not apply to animal charities, shelters, rescues, etc.

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