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Attentive neighbours save abandoned dog
The neighbours across the road from one of my seniors, moved on the weekend. They took everything and did not say goodbye. A very caring person next door thought she could hear their dog even though they were gone. She watched the house and looked in the windows and thought she saw him.

She made the right phone calls and the police showed up. They checked things over. Clearly no one was there, but they thought they could see a dog. The same officer came by in the morning when it was light and the dog was at the window. So he canvased the street and made sure the owners really were gone.

As he was leaving he said don't worry something will happen soon.

He was back right away with another set of officers. They really tried to get in. Then they sent for a Sargent and I do not know how she got in, but as soon as the door was open all six(the number just kept getting bigger) went in. I guess they had to search the place, but they soon came out with the dog on a leash, his tail wagging. He was just so happy to see them. You could see he was looking at them with adoration and joy. He happily got in the police car and they took him off the to rescue where he will be fed and cared for.

I doubt they will find the owners, but he can be adopted out to a loving family. He is a nice dog and deserves the best. Good thing the next door neighbour checked when she thought she heard a sound. I doubt he had much food or water left with him.
If I hear any more about him I will let you know. It was wonderful to see how concerned the police were about this dog. They were determined to rescue him. I love the fact that they ended up with six of them trying to get in and save him. Well done Toronto Police.18
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Awesome!! It's true the police are there to "serve and protect"...and not just the humans!
Great story Catherine!!
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It was fun to be part of it even in a small way. You could feel the tension building as it became clear that the dog was abandoned. The need to rescue the dog became really strong for them. We do have a good history of rescuing animals in Toronto. People watch for an animal in distress and report it right away.

The dog was so happy to be leaving with the police officers. His whole body was saying how happy he was. Now all he needs is a good forever home. That will happen soon enough.Heart
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It's reassuring to know that it's not just the humans that are looked out for by the Police.
Shame on the owners for leaving the dog like that, but well done to all involved in rescuing him.
Greeting from Wales.
Hwyl Fawr o'r Cymru.
This is the web site of the rescue I volunteer at.
Everyone was on top of the situation. The neighbour called for help the next day when they did not come back for the dog. The police did not wait until the dog was in danger. He was probably quite anxious, but he still looked well.
Toronto does take animal safety seriously. Our police will always come out quickly to rescue an animal in trouble.28
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Oh how wonderful!
I just find it impossible to imagine how any people can leave their house permanently -and leave their dog locked up inside!! They must know what they are doing, and what will happen to that poor dog! Oh my goodness me!

Thank heavens for those neighbours, and for the Toronto Police!
I hope the dog finds a good loving home very soon. I am sure he will.
I can't imagine what the dog thought. He would have waited expectantly for them to come home. When did he start to worry and wonder what was keeping them so long. Certainly the next day when he started barking he must have been anxious. I am glad that everyone involved took the situation seriously. He wasn't alone too long.

His picture has not appeared on the shelter web site. Maybe he had a future home lined up before he even reached the shelter. By law he must be held for a few days, but then he is free to go to a loving home, one that will never abandon him again.
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Yes he would have just waited for them to come home.
That's what they are like, and that is why ill-treatment of them is so sad and heartbreaking. They have endless unconditional love for us.
Coming out of the house with the police officers his tail was wagging and he had such a look on his face. It was a look od adoration, faith restored and hero worship. Whoever he goes to, he will love them forever.
We don't deserve dogs, we really don't. Good thing they don't agree with us.
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