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Pet Safety Week
It is pet safety week in Toronto. I do not know if this is global, but I can check.
Every year the Toronto Humane Society and Toronto Hydro work together to make people aware of pet safety issues. I remember last year they talked a lot about toxic plants in homes and gardens.
This year they have a good article with some good safety tips. You can never be too safe with your pets.

It seems they are going to post a safety tip every day this week. Most of their advice is for city dwellers, but the number of city pets is big and they face special dangers. It is worth checking. You never know when a bit of knowledge can save your pets life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is such a great idea. Some people are still unaware that certain foods are toxic to dogs and cats, an many are unaware of the dangers of Lilies, for cats.

One thing that does worry me here....I see people tie up their dogs outside the supermarket while they go shopping. Most times the dogs are fine but it is so dangerous. Anyone could steal their dog! A couple of weeks ago I noticed a dog had been tied up outside a store for a very long time. It looked well nourished, clean and wore a good quality harness, so it seemed 'looked after'.
I went in and called the manager. She also said she had seen the dog there for at least 45 minutes. I wondered if it had been dumped. The security guard also told me he'd seen that dog, and he guessed for an hour or more. I waited with it, while they paged inside the store. The security guard and I were about to take it to the vet, just down the road, to check for microchip etc.....when the manager said the dog's caretakers were coming. They had been shopping for an hour and left their dog outside all alone!!

Having a dog stolen is one of the most awful heartbreaking things that can happen. And easily preventable in most cases.
I worry when I see dogs tied up like that. The big ones are fine for a short time. The little dogs always seem anxious. It would be too easy for someone to steal a dog. I would be unable to just leave a pet like that. I would be anxious the whole time.

The safety tips are great. I think they look at all the things that happen to city pets and try to warn people. I am sure lots of pets are saved because of these safety tips.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Todays safety tip is good. Electrical cords are a dander for many kinds of pets.

Rabbits and guinea pigs will chew cords. Cats can do all kinds of things. Better safe than sorry.
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