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Found Shih Tzu
I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend's mother. My sympathies to him. A sudden loss is quite a shock.

It did work out better for the little dog. He needed a stable home right away. I am glad the two dogs became friends. I am sure life is much more fun for them now they are together. Dogs do like to play and they are not alone when the people go out.

You do have a knack of finding dogs and finding them the right home.
I would love to see a "now" picture. I am sure Tinker is a pretty little dog now.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(01-28-2015, 04:10 AM)Libby Wrote: I haven't undated in a while. Well Scarlet grew to love him and they play all the time now. They named him Tinker. I call him Stinker though. He's all cleaned up now. I need to go take some pictures of him and show off how good he looks now.

My Boyfriend's mom, who was the other person interested in him, died very unexpectedly back in November so it's almost better that he ended up where he did. Things just started to calm back down so it would have been hard on Tinker had they taken him.

I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend's mom. That must have been such a shock for him and the whole family. My condolences to you all. I think it is harder for everyone to get to grips with someone leaving when things happen very suddenly.
But I am sure it is better for the person concerned as there was no lingering illness at the end. I would prefer to go quickly like that.

Tinker (Stinker! lol!) is a good name. I like it. Dogs don't seem to mind any nick-name they are given! Most dogs have a great sense of humour!

It is quite strange how sometimes things work out in odd ways, that when we look back we see the better option happened, quite naturally.
Glad to hear he is doing okay. It's a mystery who he belonged to before, and what happened to him. It makes you wonder...he is so well adjusted and well trained, and it doesn't sound as if he came from any abusive situation.
I've heard rumblings from people and it seems like Tinker may have been dumped. There was someone that had shown interest saying that a friend had lost a dog just like him on the same day but they never asked anything more about him. I found it odd she didn't want to know more. But yes he was for the most part cared for and well tempered. Other than needing to be groomed it's amazing no one came forward.

Thank you for your condolences. It was a big shock. I still find it hard to believe she is gone especially not knowing what happened.
A sudden loss does take you by surprize. You both must be feeling it as a shock. It will take awhile for it to become real, especially for your boyfriend.

Very likely, since no one came forward, Tinker was not lost. Or rather he was lost intentionally. I am glad you found him. The person who inquired may know more, but knows the dog is better off with new people. They might want to know that the dog is alright.

When I found the Love Bird, many people around me knew where he had come from. They never said a word while I had him. After I had placed him somewhere, they let me know that it was my neighbour's bird. I had a sign outside their house for a month and they ignored it.

I am glad it has all worked out for Tinker.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

We've both been doing surprisingly well. Him especially. Although we both had a breakdown the other day but that's expected. I'm really proud of him though. He's very in touch with his feelings so he tends to show them more than most guys I've been around. He even has me beat at times but I'm not much of a crier anyway.

Wow I can't believe it was your neighbor and they said nothing! I have a similar story though. I found an Alaskan Malamute around 2006 or 2007. He had a rabies tag so we called a couple vets and got lucky with the second one. At first we weren't given the number but somehow they did end up giving it to us so my mom called the owners. We started to drive him to the address we were given but when we got there they said they didn't have a dog. Very confused we left and as we went back home we called the number again and he said the dog had been theirs but they gave it to someone so they gave us another number and we called them. They acted like we had the wrong number but were a little too interested in the dogs safety. My mom kept them on the phone telling them the dog was safe and well cared for. Eventually it came out that they had dumped the dog cause they couldn't afford him. So we ended up taking him home. We were then trying to think who would want this blue eyed beauty. We remembered that our neighbors down the street had 2 malamutes so walked him to see if they were interested since they already knew the breed. They took him immediately. Named him Indy cause he was found on July 4th, Independence day. They later had to find a new home for him cause the 2 they already had weren't bonding with him. They didn't fight just didn't even acknowledge him. They felt he was lonely and gave him to a cousin on a farm. Like all good stories about stray dogs end.

I'm always good about finding stray dogs good homes. I don't give them to just anyone wanting a dog. Indy, Tinker, Mia, Jaws (puppy Jack Russel was an ankle bitter. not her real name that's just what I refer to her as)...ect. all found loving homes.
You do have a way with lost dogs. They do have a way of finding you.
I just wish people would be honest about pets. If you can't keep him take him to a shelter. If you do turn him lose put a note on his collar with some information so you know how old the dog is and so you know it needs a home. You wouldn't waste time searching for the owners.

I didn't really expect anyone to call about the love bird. After all, how would he get out in March. It was way to cold for the windows to be open. Also, when they tossed him outside in march they had no hope of him surviving. He was lucky a child saw him and came to fetch me, since I am the go to person for animals in my area.

You and I are always dealing with one animal or another. I end up with the damaged reptiles, you end up with the lost dogs. Somehow we make it work out for the best.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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