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Puppy Factories--Australia
I have been reading about the puppy factory situation in Australia and they have a serious problem. They are not the only one with a problem, but they have been in the news and are working to change the situation.

I came across some sad videos and pictures.
If they help to get the message out public response could change things.

I can't believe the absolute filth these animals these animals are kept in every day. Puppies on bloody rags that are weeks old have not been cleaned in their lives. Their food and water situation is not good either.
(part of this video is blank, but it is still worth seeing)
I came across one that was much worse, but it wouldn't post for some reason.
The RSPCA is trying to educate people and stop the cruelty.
It amazes me that these dogs still look to people with hope for something better.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is sad and horrible. Some (most) of that video footage reminded me of the shelter in Sarajevo!
We have GOT TO STOP puppy farms, worldwide!!

I'd like to know what those poor dogs are eating at 5:26.......

Thank you for posting this Catherine, even though it is deeply upsetting to watch. We need to know.

I signed the RSPCA's petition at
I just signed and our names appear at the same time.
I think if enough people sign and protest things will happen.
Public opinion is a powerful force.

I have a bad feeling about what the dogs are eating. Most likely it is dead puppies or even dead dogs. When you are hungry you will eat anything.

Some of the videos I found that wouldn't post were even worse.Angry
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That's exactly what I was wondering. (re: what are they eating) And it is so sad. And humans forced them into this situation....
After I did the post I stayed on YouTube and looked at a number of videos. Many of these puppy factories exist quite openly as actual businesses. That is what really shocks me.

Puppy mills here try to hide themselves and pretend to be normal people with puppies to sell.
Our pet stores can't sell puppies like that any more. That is the big thing that shuts down the puppy factories. They have no easy way to sell puppies.

If Australia can create a public reaction to puppy factories, the pet stores will back away from them. If they are no longer profitable they will close.
I fear for the dogs that are at puppy factories right now, but we can hope they get rescued.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

For all our countries, puppy mills/puppy factories are an issue that we have to keep fighting. It is going to take a lot of public awareness and a will to change things. The change won't come from governments. It will come when we stop buying the puppies and when the pet stores stop selling them.

It is hard to convince people that there is a problem.
I am impressed with all that Animals Australia has been able to do so far.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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