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Pit Bull Bans do not work
Ontario has had a Pit Bull ban and yes it did result in euthanizations of healthy animals for no reason.

It has been enough years that the dog bite data can be studied and it shows that banning Pit bull did not decrease the number of dog bites.

It was one of those crazy over reactions to an incident that somehow ended up as a law. How we are going to get rid of it I don't know. Even though the ban does no good and is ridiculous, to remove the ban means admitting to making a mistake in the first place. We all know how good governments are at admitting mistakes.
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A dog's personality tendencies don't always depend on what breed it is per se, but HOW it is bred....and how it is conditioned and treated. It is crazy to say "All pit bulls are bad."
Yes the breed definitely has very powerful jaws, and a stronger bite than some breeds. Some (like gundogs/bird dogs/retrievers etc) have 'soft mouths' whereas pit bulls do not.
But behind any 'bad' pit bull -as behind any dog who is vicious or unpredictable- there is some human somewhere who either bred indiscriminately, or bred and/or conditioned with intent to produce an aggressive dog.

I think it is just as likely that ANY breed could have nasty tendencies if those things happened.

I know a man with a pit bull. The breed is banned here. He keeps a low profile with his dog, whom he loves very much. If asked, he says it's a Staffy. That dog is a real sweety-pie. Friendly, well balanced and gentle. Misty used to meet them both when on a walk sometimes. They got along very well.

On the other hand I have had a bad nip on occasion from Border Collies! (and I like Border Collies. They are great dogs.)
I think it is clear that the breed specific ban did not work. Pit bulls got bad publicity because of a few bad incidents. Bad dogs are not a breed, they are the product of bad nurturing.
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