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Reptiles banned from G20
I remember those fires. We may be on the other side of the world from you, but we are aware and people here were so worried by what we were hearing.

The controlled burning idea could help, but not if it is applied with quotas. Each burn would need to be thought out.

Who knows what dredging the bays would do. We have the same problem with the logging of old growth forests. Do they clear cut when they log. Clear cutting is a disaster all on its own.

I thought rising sea levels would be a problem for you. You would lose a lot of occupied coastal areas. Canada would do better. Much of our country is inland. I grew up in the centre of Canada and the nearest ocean was over 1000 miles away.

The rest of the world will not be so lucky. Some islands will disappear all together.

I do not know how we can reach people and convince them there is a problem.
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