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Dogs protecting penguins
Australia has trouble with foxes killing off a penguin colony on Middle Island. The usual methods of "pest" control were not working.
A free range chicken farmer had a great suggestion. He uses Maremma Dogs to protect his chickens. He figured it would work the penguins. Now a pair of dogs happily protect the penguins and their numbers are increasing.

It is a friendly solution. The dogs are happy, the birds are happy and the foxes are okay.

Don't you love the sight of all those free range hens.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a very good idea. They are handsome dogs too. But if I were a fox I think I'd keep my distance!
Yes the chickens look very contented.

"A pat on the head and a handful of dry food." ! LOL! Those dogs deserve a jolly good treat....something nice and tasty!
I think they have a marvelous life for an active outdoors loving dog. The penguins are just funny looking chickens and the foxes are no real problem. No fox is going to tangle with a bigger dog.

When you look for it there is an eco friendly, animal friendly solution to any problem.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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