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Adopt a Tortoise...if you live in Arizona
The Arizona Game and Fish Department has over 100 captive desert tortoises that they are looking to place with people who will care fore them.
For various reasons these tortoises are captive. Some are from illegal breeding programs. Some were surrendered by their owners. They cannot be released to the wild for various reasons. It is hoped that people will adopt them and provide for them. They can live 100 years so be prepared for a pet that will outlive you.

It would almost be worth moving to Arizona so I could adopt a tortoise. I would miss winter however. Next January I will deny saying this, but I would miss snow.
For someone living in Arizona, with a suitable back yard, this would be an interesting  pet. Think of all the years you would have to get to know your pet. 
They brumate (hibernate) so once a year your pet would sleep for a while. Think of the fun waiting for your tortoise to wake up.  As you get older and can't walk as fast, your tortoise  will keep you company. They already walk slow. 

I hope they get the response they are looking for. These tortoises would be happy living in someone's back yard. It would be just enough personal territory for a tortoise. They are so cute. I am sure people would want them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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