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Animal Shelter takes in hudreds of guinea pigs
A couple dumped 100 guinea pigs on the side of the road and then they surrendered 200 more.
I am impressed that the shelter has just taken these piggies in and is actively seeking homes. They are not letting the addition of 300 guinea pigs upset them.

How do you end up with 300 guinea pigs? After the first round of births and then the second round of births and then the third round of births plus the babies from the first babies to be born, surely by then you would understand how quickly guinea pigs can  multiply. They should have asked for help when they had 50 piggies. After they had 100 it must have been close to an emergency.
How could they even feed that many? I am feeding four and that is enough. The summer I had 11 piggies it was constant work. I didn't mind, but I sure didn't want any more.

They are cute piggies though. If they were not so far away I would want to help.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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