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Free range guinea pigs could result in 600.00 in fines
A couple in Brisbane has a herd of free roaming guinea pigs. Everything is fine as far as the piggies are concerned. The twenty guinea pigs have been living free for two years.
It seems that this is against local bylaws. The couple will be fined 600.00 if the piggies are not contained.

The idea of free roaming guinea pigs is pretty exciting. I would love to see it, but on second thought, maybe not. It seems harsh to fine someone for having guinea pigs on their lawn. However the guinea pigs are clearly capable of living in the area. What if some of the herd move on and establish themselves elsewhere. They can multiply quickly. Guinea pigs as an invasive species may not seem to be a threat, but herds of guinea pigs could easily strip local vegetation and kill off food sources needed by native species. They would have no natural predators and they could multiply and seriously upset the ecosystem of any area they invade.

Maybe a little fence would be enough. Guinea pigs don't dig or climb so it wouldn't have to be a big fence.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh wherever you go, there are always "by-laws" against this or that. Sometimes if thought about, the by-laws make sense. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are ignored and nobody ever notices, and no harm is done. And sometimes they are enforced. Sometimes a neighbour who happens just not to like something pretty harmless for their own reasons, will investigate by-laws and get authorities to investigate, at which point a by-law will probably be reinforced.

Free range Guinea Pigs....sounds kind of okay. But maybe letting them turn wild outside of the garden would not be any good for them as well as perhaps the local ecology. Yes, why not put up a fence? I would think one without holes in or under it, and about 3ft high should do the trick?
That is adorable but I see what they are saying about the piggies attracting larger predators. I would love to see them put up a 1ft fence just to be contrary. All it said is the piggies need to be contained.
It takes so little to contain a guinea pig. A six inch fence would do. However it would be safer to have a taller fence. I think a foot is a bit short, but three feet is more than you need. I am sure there is a bylaw that tells you how high to build a fence. (there is always a bylaw)
It would be a simple thing to build a fence. The guinea pigs can free roam within the fence area. They might not even realize they are fenced. 

It is best not to risk guinea pigs running loose and multiplying.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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