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You know you love your piggies...
You know you love your piggies when you plan to go shopping for veggies in this weather.

[Image: 4z0_4cU1Em91ym3Vmg7SLBWL6orv0PzrBhJ3mbe5...5-h3360-no]

The water in the picture is up to the sidewalk.

[Image: nAg52RwyoOrdZCsv6kcBSGmh-r1csg2JPp4EdIr5...5-h4080-no]

That is ice on the branches not rain.

[Image: TphiJt0EnadSRAEeyXPGyZP2ZaEmZl-p4YcpcU7I...5-h4080-no]

Now I really wish I hade made the effort to shop while it was just snowing with ice pellets.

[Image: lOWOz82FmlO7tNS91YjP6iKOyEublflTTbsH7fZc...5-h4080-no]

The walk may be shovelled, but no where else is.
Catherine Becket • Only you

[Image: xEL6Q-39bSdyo5HBRuuGZ9lVVUK-JE6H6N3g50si...5-h4080-no]
Catherine Becket • Only you

It may be nasty, but sometimes you got to go no matter what.

[Image: eg4aBX5WuX6z_SiB38DSH93GtRMqh4j6wefsTZuK...2-h1907-no]

Could you disappoint these faces?

[Image: Midz2F5XRtw09Rya8uOW45WtmYqCzFEwiAOtrctX...9-h1669-no]

Or these?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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