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Guinea pig found abandoned in a field
A woman out walking her dog found an abandoned guinea pig. When you look at the before and after picture, I would say that he was neglected and perhaps had been out there for a little while.
Abandoning is a terrible thing to do to a guinea pig. They are so not suited to life outside. All they really know how to do is eat. They do it very well, but that doesn't help them defend themselves or even find shelter.

He is one lucky guinea pig. Things ended well for him. It could easily have ended badly. It is going to take a lot of gentle care to get him over the trauma of being abandoned.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh poor little thing! I am glad that he was found. He was in for a horrible death. I guess some person put him in the field because they had to move house....or couldn't care for him anymore....and thought that would be okay! Guinea Pigs are no good out on their own in the wild. He is lucky a predator didn't get him. I hope that he will be happy with someone who adopts him, who hopefully, has other Guinea Pigs so he can be part of a real family.
There are so many places that rescue guinea pigs. Leaving one out in a field is the last thing a person should consider. Leaving the guinea pig behind after moving out at least gives it a chance at being found.  Even leaving the guinea pig in its cage where it would be found is still better than abandoning it outside.  This piggie was very lucky. There are so many predators that could get a guinea pig.

He turned out to be a handsome fellow didn't he.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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