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Guinea pig adventures
I have never heard of guinea pigs having adventures and disappearing for days. Cats do it all the time, but usually not piggies.
Two guinea pigs in New Zealand decided to travel. One was under the car and rode to the airport when the family was going on vacation. He was spotted when he feel out and was rescued. He was actually returned to his people. The other missing piggie was found snuggled up in the underside of the car.

I am really surprized by this. Guinea pigs are usually such home bodies. I guess when they do decide to travel they do it right. How else could a guinea pig travel 17 km in one day.
The amazing thing is how they managed to get the guinea pigs back home. That was one good taxi driver. He took the trouble to rescue the guinea pig and make not of the family's licence plate.
I hope the piggies have learned their lesson and stay closer to home. They might not be so lucky next time.
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