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Catherine rescues another guinea pig.
I just knew there was another guinea pig out there that was about to come home with me. I just sensed it.

[Image: At96WEOCjYri2Bm_Z_alfCY5FXDn1C7fz8qvqRVe...=w489-h275]
This is a young guinea pig, perhaps 4-8 weeks at most. I am not sure of gender yet. Probably its a male, but he is small and young and it is late and I wanted him to settle down for the night. 

The person who had this tiny baby claims it bit their child. They brought it into the reptile centre(where I volunteer) determined that it would be fed to a big snake!
We don't do that to discarded pets. Instead the person who was there at the time was very vague about what we would do and then hid the guinea pig until I could get there. 

What is the matter with people!
I can understand realising that a guinea pig is not going to work out as a pet and therefore wanting to get rid of it.
What I can't understand is the deliberate intention to see the animal die. This is a tiny baby guinea pig and the guy wanted a big snake to eat it. It is kind of a sick revenge on a tiny animal.

He doesn't bite, but he was pretty hungry. So maybe his nibbles were a way of saying "Please sir, I want some more"

[Image: duxqHMqOrPWI9eB0OSLd1ndt2JO5asgQZZVGFR3M...=w380-h275]Meeting the Muffin.

[Image: JevavPSKIbd2nq2UFIlWBG0yYi0T9WnZixlaOFOe...=w489-h275]Biscuit seems fine with him.

[Image: ptXnii8SsotS7LaVtNlvP-hsusXCk-pHFAiQTWJi...=w489-h275]First family dinner

[Image: dWG8uCx3NvGHV__Ro6Pg9HJQELWTid06AQv9E_h5...=w489-h275]He is not shy about helping himself

He seems to like the cucumbers best. Good thing I am going shopping tomorrow. I am going to need more veggies.

I think they are going to be fine together. He is certainly a pretty little guinea pig and very sweet. 
More pictures tomorrow and I will figure out a name.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh what a little sweetie!
I don't know if it's a name you like -you might not....but I got the name "Martin" or "Marty" when I looked at him.

It's not the idea that big snakes eat little creatures that is so is human nature sometimes!

Anyway, dear little Guinea Pig will now have a happy life. What a lovely colour he is.
He is a little cutey. I like the smooth coated ones best(Don't ever tell Pigbert)
His colour is beautiful. I am pretty sure he is male.

I am thinking over names. Marty is possible. I thought of Timmie or Jimmy, maybe Perry or Eddie. 
He could grow up to be a big male and be very handsome. The thing about Martin as a name is that my older Black Rat Snake is Martin and he is the same colour as the guinea pig. I could call the piggie Marty now, but have his full name as Martin so if he outgrows Marty I have options.
I like Timmie because that is my favourite coffee chain.  I am still thinking about it. 

I always give lots of extra food when I bring home a new guinea pig. That way everyone is so busy eating they don't have time to worry about a newcomer. He just can't believe how much food there is. He loves cucumbers and peppers. 

When I got home today he was snuggled up to Muffin. He is very confident and his experience doesn't seem to have upset him. He must have been raised in a loving home or with a loving mom. He is still a baby and he does need to learn manners.
I gave them a plate of apple pieces and Muffing took a piece and he tried to take it from her. She made a point of  stopping him twice until he got the message and reached for his own piece. There are lots of apple pieces on the plate. She just wants him to learn not to take from another guinea pig.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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