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Mother bear and cubs killed in their den
A father and son in Alaska found a bear den. It contained a mother bear and her twin cubs.  They shot and killed her and then when her cubs were screaming in terror, they shot and killed them both.

It is a disturbing video. I watched and yes they deliberately killed the bear and her cubs.

What they didn't know was that there was a wildlife camera on the den because the bears were being studied.

It is shocking how little penalty they faced after such an outrageous act. These two men showed a total lack of compassion, empathy or even common decency. A nursing mother is considered off limits. They lack even the most basic humanity. 
Calling them sub human pieces of S*** doesn't go far enough. I am being polite because the forum has a strong censorship program and certain words will not appear. 

How do creatures that appear to be human act in such an evil way. No true human should be capable of such an action.

I am so outraged and shocked that I created a new section of the forum for things like this. It just doesn't belong anywhere else.
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