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Happy Birthday Timothy Hay!
Hi there, my name is Julie and I own a small business called Nibble & Gnaw.
This week it was my 50th Birthday and as we have just also launched our new 2nd cut Timothy Hay range out for order.
Just to let you know what 1st cut and 2nd cut Timothy hay is, please let me help you as this is my passion! Timothy hay is the mainstay of any small herbivore’s diet. It is both high in fibre and low in protein and calcium content and is ideal for keeping rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animal’s fragile digestive system functioning properly as well as keep their dental health in check.
Our 1st cut is harvested in the late Spring, and Second Cut (the regrowth of First Cut) is gathered in the late summer. The nutrient levels change relative to the season with 1st Cut higher in fibre with less protein and Second Cut having a little more protein and a less fibre. 1st cut Timothy hay has larger seed heads, leaves and stems which makes it coarser, the hay is also long stemmed which encourages natural chewing behaviour. It’s perfect for maintaining your small animal’s stable diet or if they have a troublesome digestion system and dental health.
2nd Cut Timothy hay is the regrowth of the 1st Cut hay and is a little softer, and moister with a larger percentage of leaves to stems which are occasionally darker in colour after being baked in the Canadian sun. It is a little higher in protein and lower in fibre but still highly nutritious for all small herbivores out there.
I would like to offer any piggie, bunny or other small pet owners / hoomins who purchase a box of our Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay from Amazon a FREE box of our 2nd cut Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay to try also. Just message me after purchase and I will send you your FREE box of 2nd cut Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay!
Big Love, Julie x 

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Greetings Julie and welcome to our forum. Smile

As you can see, we moved your threads to our Animal Marketplace  section, where, with moderator approval, we welcome animal related businesses which may interest many of our members and guests.

Wishing you all the best with Nibble and Gnaw !
Welcome to the forum. I did not know all that information about first and second cut Timothy hay. It does  makes sense. The hay does change as the summer progresses. I have guinea pigs and they do love the Timothy hay. They like the harder stuff best, but they  will eat it either way. 

I wish you luck with your business.
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