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Heartbreaking video of dolphin slaughter in Japan
You might not want to actually read the article or watch the video. It is enough to know that the horrific brutality towards dolphins still continues in Japan. If you want to understand the whole story I recommend you watch The Cove. It is a well done documentary.
This article is current news.

Someday this must end. We as humans must reject such horrible behavior. Dolphins are gentle, intelligent, sensitive creatures. Dolphins have always behaved well towards humans. We in turn kill and enslave them. What kind of a human being can murder  babies like that in front of their family. I can't grasp what would be missing in a person that they can do such horrible things.
The brutality at Taiji diminishes all humans. As long as humans continue to commit such acts it casts a shadow on all of us.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I can't imagine what those Dolphins must have suffered. Poor Souls. This is hell on earth.
It would have been horrible for the matriarch to watch the young ones die. There is something broken inside the people who can do a thing like this.  If the cove is hell on earth, those people are its demons. Since they eat the dolphin meat and feed it to their children they will suffer first hand from what they do. The dolphins and whales are heavily contaminated with mercury. Mercury can be a slow poison that builds up in the system. When you know you have ingested it, it is already too late.

You are right, this is hell on earth. The dolphins suffer and later children who eat their flesh will also suffer.
It is a horrible situation that needs to stop.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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