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Brutal Cambodian dog meat industry
The dog meat industry is still very much alive in Cambodia. Pets and strays are captured and brutally slaughtered and turned into snacks and food. The dogs are treated badly. Their slaughter is inherently cruel. The conditions are unsanitary. 
Everything about this industry is wrong.

The dog meat industry is thriving in Cambodia and Cambodia has one of the highest human rabies rates in the world. 
There is a correlation. The horrible treatment of dogs is not without consequences. 

Four Paws is working to stop the slaughter. They have helped people to transition their lives away from the dog meat industry.
Farmers who start a new type of industry or farming have a means of supporting their families without animal cruelty.
It is going to take time and effort to change things, but every year  some progress is made.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Any progress, even if takes time, must be good.
Four Paws and Humane Society International are both working to change things. I think there are some other groups as well who are working for change. Even little changes do help. Stopping one farmer  is a positive change that can influence others.
I agree that any progress is a good thing. I think the younger generations are less interested is eating dog meat. If this trend continues the industry will die out as the older people who support it die out.  I wish it was faster, but at least it is inevitable.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank goodness for charities like these who work so hard to bring about change.
Quote:Thank goodness for charities like these who work so hard to bring about change.
There are some amazing people out there working to change things for the better. We only hear about them some of the time, but they are working all the time. They are gradually shutting down the dog meat industry. Some day we will be reading that the last dog meat farm has been closed. I look forward to that day.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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