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Poachers kill 16 lions
The lions were living at Predators Rock Bush Lodge. This is a protected location where the lions are able to breed and raise their cubs in peace.  Poachers threw poisoned chicken to the lions and they would have died horribly. Then the poachers cut the fences and dragged the bodies out and cut off the feed for the claws and the faces for the teeth. They will likely be sold as traditional medicine.

Two of the females were days from giving birth. They both died with three cubs each inside them.

One of the females had just given birth to three cubs. Two died from the poison through their mother's milk. Little Yoda is the lone survivor.

This is a horrible act of cruelty and destruction. Sixteen lions are dead because someone has the idea that dead lion parts are medicine.
These outdated traditions do not belong in the 21st century. I am not sure they belonged in any century. How can there be any medicinal value to anything that comes at the price of poisoning a nursing mother and killing her cubs because they drank her milk. 
We need to totally reject these ideas and fight them at any cost. What has happened here is just too much.  It is outrageous.
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