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Cloth bedding for guinea pigs
There is a trend now days away from traditional wood or paper bedding for guinea pigs. You can buy or sew cloth liners for their cages.
They save money and they are easy to clean. They can even look nice and not mess up the guinea pigs hair like wood shavings will do.

I have always used a cloth liner for my piggies. I use a smooth strong cotton, cut to fit each cage. I have 4 per cage. I put newspaper under the cloth to absorb the urine. It is easy to get good cotton sheets second hand for almost nothing. They make perfect cage liners. I can even get nice colours. I use polar fleece for beds that they can snuggle in. It is all washable and lasts for years.

I even use polar fleece liners for my Tegu lizard. Barrie is getting old and the soft fleece is easier on his skin than regular reptile bedding. I think he really likes his fleece blankets. He certainly snuggles in them.
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