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The Canadian Seal Hunt
The first time I heard of this seal hunt was 55 years ago. I thought this must be stopped soon. Something so cruel couldn't possibly go on. Yet 55 years later it still goes on.
They no longer kill the newborn white baby seals. That is a partial victory.  There is less of a market for the skins so less are harvested so that is an improvement. However it doesn't help the thousands who are killed brutally each year while they lie helpless on the ice. At just a few weeks old they will be killed and skinned and their bodies left to rot. It is brutal, it is cruel and it threatens the existence of a species that is already struggling with the effects of climate change.

I can't believe the seal hunt still happens. How can we still be clinging to this brutal "tradition".  It is time we as a species gave up our  traditions of cruelty towards helpless animals. There is no excuse any more. We no longer need to do these things We need to stop the seal hunt now!
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