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The key to preventing pandemics is protecting wildlife
Humans have a history of disturbing wildlife and destroying  their habitats. We also have a history of catching diseases from the wildlife we disturb.

Right now we are in the midst of a pandemic brought on by how we encounter wildlife.
There are teams out there searching for viruses trying to predict and protect us from them.
They are called virus hunters and what they do is interesting and important.

They mat well save many lives by their work.

More important however is changing how we deal with wildlife. We need to stop habitat destruction that forces animals out of their normal life patterns.
We need to stop trafficking in wildlife. Bringing species together in unnatural settings is highly dangerous to us. It is terrible for the animals, but it is also allows viruses to interact and mutate and jump to other species. When these mutated viruses encounter humans we are helpless against them.  This will keep happening to us over and over again if we do not change how we interact with the other species on this planet. It looks like the message  save the environment also means save the humans. If we don`t do something right, one day we will encounter a virus that will actually wipe us out. Bad as Covid 19 is, there are worse things out there.
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Very wise words, Catherine.
I am hoping this time we have learned a lesson and we will take the needs of the planet more seriously.
Biodiversity and habitat restoration and protection are not optional if we want to live on this planet safely.

I think nature has made it clear that we are not in charge.
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This article explains things so well. We destroy habitats and that puts us in contact with wild animals. The wild animals carry  viruses. If we keep destroying habitats then we will keep having pandemics.

We can either do things differently when this is over or we can wait until the next time when things are even worse. We have to change how we treat  nature if we want to survive. It is really that simple.
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