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Air pollution is an animal cruelty issue
When air pollution is very bad, humans are warned to stay inside. It is known that every year human lives are shortened by air pollution.
What about the animals that live in our polluted air.  They have no where to go to get away from it. They can't sit inside with air purifiers. 
They have no protective face masks. Year after year they breath in our pollution. It is time we acknowledge the fact that we are subjecting wildlife to dangerous levels of air pollution. There are law suits on behalf of humans who have suffered the effects of our pollution. It is time that we used the law to protect animals.
When corporations are charged with polluting, they should also be charged with animal cruelty.

This is a brilliant idea. Charging  polluters with animal cruelty as well as actual polluting is a way of making the connection between pollution and the effects it has on wildlife. Once we are aware of the effects of pollution  on wildlife we will have to act. We can't sit around and watch animals die because we failed to act.
I think the charges would stick.
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