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Victory for Yellowstone Grizzlies
The grizzly population of Yellowstone Park is finally making a comeback. They were down to 140 bears in the 1970s and now there are around 700.
These are healthy numbers and the species survival in the area looks good. Now hunters want to open things up to trophy hunts and start killing bears again.
Fortunately for the grizzly population the US courts ruled in favour of the grizzlies and they remain protected.

It has taken years of conservation efforts to bring the grizzly numbers up to where they are now. Why would anyone want to start killing the bears again.
I sometimes wonder if hunters not only want to kill things, they also want to kill the last remaining member of a species. They certainly work against conservation.
They  talk about killing animals to keep a population healthy. Maybe to keep a population healthy it would be better to protect their habitat and allow their food sources to survive. 

For now the grizzly population is safe. Lets hope it stays safe for many years.
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