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Dog toy recomendations
That is an interesting toy. If it works to clean teeth, it would save a lot of work, especially with a dog that doesn`t want its teeth cleaned.
I would think that adding tooth paste would be a bonus in the teeth cleaning department.  The dogs basically brush their own teeth by chewing on the toy.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

After having it a couple weeks the dogs still love their bristle brush bones. Some like them more than others so I gave one to my mom so see what her 3 thought of them and now she has to buy a few large ones for her big boxer/Anatolian dog Charlie. He killed the medium in about 2 hours.
Next Recommendation

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop -Treat Dispensing Dog Toy 

my dogs love these balls how ever my little Silver Bullet has figured out how to open the bigger ball.  So for medium to small dogs I would recomend the size I linked above.  Bellow I will link the size of the one Bullet figured out.

You can put any treats in these but I recommend freeze dried beef liver treats. My dogs go nuts and it keeps them engaged for a long period of time with out stuffing a ton of treats in it.  I've even used this as a slow feeder bowl replacement.  I used it with a stubborn puppy that wouldn't eat out of a regular bowl.  She liked the ball and would eat from easier.
Trust Silver Bullet to figure out how to open the toy.  Most dogs wouldn't be able to do it. They could have fun and keep very busy getting at the treat.
It looks like a good toy that dogs would like. 

I can understand the puppy not liking a food dish. Food that is a challenge feels good. A dish just sits there.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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