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Live animal shipments dumped and animals left to die
It is horrible that animals crammed in shipping boxes were left to die without food or water. What makes it worse is that they were at a shipping depot. The depot refused to accept live animals so the drivers dumped the shipping boxes right there at the depot.

So two groups of people knew there were live animals in those boxes. The drivers of the trucks knew. The employees at the depot knew. So both groups share responsibility for the act of cruelty that led to so many deaths. If it were not for Utopia Animal Rescue more would have died.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is appalling. The shipping company surely deserves to be prosecuted, plus the driver. The clearing centre staff are also guilty in sense that they did not report the dumping.
So many people just let this happen. Any one of the people who knew about the animals could have called an animal rescue group. They could even have done it anonymously. There really should be charges against the people involved. They chose to let it happen. They knew the animals were dying and they did nothing.

How does a person look at boxes of live animals and just let them die. How could the driver just dump them. They should all be charged with the failure to provide the necessities of life for the animals. Some of them took days to die. At any time they could have been saved.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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