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The Marmots have made a comeback!!!
The Vancouver Island Marmots have been going  through a period of serious decline. In 2003 there were only 30 Marmots left in the wild in a few places. As of 2019 there were over 200 Marmots in the wild located in 20 places.
This is a story of conservation efforts bringing a species back from the edge.  It has taken years of work by a number of different groups. The Vancouver Island Recovery Foundation  has worked tirelessly to save the Marmots.  Research, observation of the Marmots and habitat restoration  have done a lot to bring the species back. Calgary Zoo and Toronto Zoo have captive breeding programs that have produced young healthy Marmots for release into the wild.
All the efforts combined have taken a species on the edge of extinction and given them a fighting chance at survival. These programs must continue of course. The Marmots must establish themselves in more places and regain their natural numbers before they are safe from decline. At least now it looks like their survival is possible.

This makes me happy. I have spent time on Vancouver Island when I was younger and I have seen the damage that logging  has done to the environment.
The Marmots are just a part of the ecological destruction, but they are representative of it. Restoring the Marmots is a symbol of restoring the land.

A bit of background reading :

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYjtF6vUeq6yPuF6MBJLQ...w&usqp=CAU]
This is what was left after the lumber companies had their way.
Years later it didn't look any better. Nothing grew back even after "reforestation". Rivers were so muddied that it effected the salmon spawning.
I used to cry every time I went through the area.

There have been changes to how this is handled at least in some areas.

Marmots are part of this whole picture of an ecosystem almost destroyed by profits and total disregard for nature. Their restoration is part of a whole ecosystem returning to life. Hopefully this will become a symbol to the whole world of what can be done to preserve our planet's ecosystems from destruction.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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