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Tourist allows dog to attack a koala
On Raymond Island, 300km east of Melbourne a tourist let an off leash dog attack a Koala. A local photographer got a picture of the incident. The koala was released from the dog and climbed a tree. It is not known if it is injured and what the extent of the injuries might be.
Locals are watching for the koala, but it may be hard to track him.

This is terrible. All the difficulties koalas face just to survive., off leash dogs should not be one of them.
Tourists in particular should not be allowed to have their dogs off leash. That seems kind of dangerous for the dog since it is in strange surroundings.
I wonder that they even allow tourists to bring their dogs.  Maybe that should stop. If people can't control their dogs, they should not be allowed to have their dogs with them.  Something needs to be done. The government  needs to bring in some stronger regulations to protect the koalas, while there are still koalas to be protected.
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