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Rewilding Britain with reptiles and amphibians
A couple of British teenage boys have set out to rewild Britain with reptiles and amphibians.  Beaver are now returning to the country and with them, wetlands. 
They have been absent for hundreds of years and much has been lost. With the return of wetlands many birds could return, but the frogs and turtles that are part of that picture are not there any more. Harvey and Tom are serious about breeding reptiles and amphibians for release into the returning wetlands. They have funding and they are building facilities. They have had reptile experience and they have determination to see this through.

This is an amazing story. These two young men are on a path to restore much that has been lost to Britain all these centuries.  What they are doing could very much help restore lost habitats. They understand that it is complicated and will take years to accomplish. If they can do this they will have changed to world for the better. They will have been part of restoring habitats that were lost centuries ago. I really hope we hear more in the future when they start releasing the animals.
This is the beginning of something amazing. There are many reasons to hope for the future when there are young people willing to undertake projects like this.
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