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New conservation approach to wildlife corridors
Conservation is a field of study that has grown and changed over the years. Our understanding is so much better now because we understand the issues better.
A new approach is being introduced to the study of wildlife corridors. Human activities in the areas are going to be studied and the data connected to the study of animal activity. This will give a more realistic picture of what is going on. If there is a lot on human activity that is not animal friendly or even animal tolerant it effects the safety of animals traveling into certain areas.  Migration might look possible on paper, but not be safely possible in real life. 
It is  a big field of study and it is going to take time to work out the details, but better understanding will help conservation efforts.

This is so important. How often do we hear about a lone wolf or some other predator who makes an appearance in an area, after a long absence from the area.
It seems like a conservation success until we hear that a local hunter shot it. Something needed to be done to ensure the safety of the animal after it had managed a migration. We needed to understand how the local humans would react. It is important that species be able to migrate. Now we need to work on the human side of the situation. Understanding  the human element of the situation and correlating it to the animal issues is going to be a big step forward for maintaining viable animal corridors.
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