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Boo Bunny is gone
I had so many plans to post about Boo. I thought I had lots of time.  He has been growing up very fast and he was due to be neutered today. 
Yesterday he seemed to realize he was going to the vet again and he got very stressed. This morning he got in with Boris the guinea pig and I ended up leaving him there. When I got home he was not okay. I think now he had already had a heart attack. While I was holding him he had another heart attack and he was gone. 
He was only 6 months old.

[Image: 128652313_3046085745492535_2758657398693...e=604A34A1]

Remember how cute he was.

[Image: 125850004_3007674049333705_8145842370746...e=604BFA01]

It doesn't seem real. I take in so many older animals that I expect to have losses. Boo was a baby. 
I did not expect to lose him so soon.

It will be real when he is not there to greet me in the morning. It will be real when he is not there to run in circles around me when I get home from work.
He always lies on my feet when I work on the computer and he is not there on my feet now.
Yes, I guess it suddenly got real. Smiley19
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh, what sad news! I am truly sorry to read about the unexpected and sudden passing of dear Boo. He was a character and I know what you mean when you mention about running around your feet. When I was a teenager we had a grey male rabbit, who used to do it often.

A short stay in this physical dimension for Boo, but may he be happy in the company of others on the "other side of the curtain".
My Boo Bunny can join my guinea pig herd and our dear Luna Bunny who passed last year. Because of the pandemic we haven't been able to bury Luna, so Boo and Luna can rest together in my garden when restrictions are finally lifted.

I do miss Boo running around my feet. Rabbits love feet for some reason.
Boo had so much fun living with me. Every day was a joy for him. Everything was a toy. His life was brief, but it was beautiful.
He was like a shooting star that blazed across my sky, lighting up a very dark night. He  burned bright, but not for long.

In some ways I know what happened. I have had a bit of anxiety since it became clear Boo was not one of the smaller pet breeds. 
He seemed to be a Belgian Hare. They were developed and bred to be used as food. So they were bred to grow very fast and put on weight, but they were not bred to last long. 
I think his growth out paced the strength of his heart. He matured young and that was another strain on his system. It is sad, but it was inevitable.
I gave him as much life as he could have. My poor little Boo, at least the time he has was very happy. Heart

[Image: 149365910_3225993480835093_6237196803188...e=604C857F]
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh no! I can’t believe it! I’m so, so sorry!
I know what you mean about taking in older animals so when you take in a young one you expect to have them around for years to come. I knew that rabbits do stress easily and can have heart attacks easily because of that. When I had my bunny Scratch I babied him and he had my dogs as friends so he wasn’t scared of much. He was a small dutch rabbit though. He was 5 lbs at his healthest weight.
When he was a cute little baby bunny I was thinking I had ten years with him.  Then he grew into a big Belgian Hare and they only live four years.
Lately I have had a sense that Boo might not live that long even. He grew and matured way too fast. He did seem to stress easily.
He didn't handle the initial vet check up. It took him days to recover. Just seeing the carrier again upset him. If he was that easily stressed it was inevitable that he would have a heart attack. Deep down in my pet parent gut I knew that.  I just thought I would have a little more time.

I got up this morning and did all my Saturday cleaning and feeding of animals and every step I took, Boo Bunny was not under my feet running in circles and darting in and out and nibbling my ankles. Boo isn't in and out of the guinea pig enclosure.  It is very quiet and peaceful here. I miss the chaos of Boo Bunny.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh Catherine! I am so sad to hear this.
My internet was down for days, and I have only just got back online a day ago.

It is such a shock. Boo seemed to be doing so well, and seemed to be so strong, young. healthy. It makes sense though if that was his breeding. I am so very sorry.

Boo filled your life with so much for such a short time. He was a ray of new life and hope. Like you said....a star that blazed across your sky.

Blessings to your Soul dear Boo Bunny. You are loved so much. You were just visiting from heaven to give a ray of light to Catherine's heart.
Yes Boo brought me much light and joy during a dark winter. It is as if he burned so bright that the light couldn't last. He lived every moment of his life to the fullest. It was so much fun to be a part of that. I miss my little guy, but I know he had all the life he could have with me. It is sad that we produce animals with shortened lives because it suits our use for them. Boo should have had many happy years. Instead he had to pack a lifetime of fun into a few short months.

Goodbye Boo, I will never forget how much you made me laugh. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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