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Horrendous cruelty to reptiles for the sake of fashion
Reptiles used in the fashion industry don't fare any better than mink, perhaps worse. Snakes have their skins inflated while they are still alive and the skinning process is often started  before the snake is dead. Crocodiles are crudely stabbed or bludgeoned and again the skinning starts while the animal is still alive.
Some companies had dropped reptile skins from their fashion lines. There are still companies that use reptile skins.  As long as the companies buy the skins the cruelty will go on. Peta names a company, LVMH as one of the perpetrators of this horrible cruelty.

When will we stop using animal skins in our clothing. It is just not necessary. We can make many beautiful things with out cruelty.
Too many people  just don't care. It doesn't bother them that they are wearing the produce of cruelty. They only care that they want the product.
Humans can be so much better, we can do so much better. We have to want to be better and many do not want to change. I am sad and angry and I cry for all the many animals that suffer horribly.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Many humans have blind spots about the cruelty that goes on. I didn't realise those things happened when I was younger.

But this type of cruelty for vanity is horrendous. What is needed is continual education about what actually happens. No demand = no supply.
If people really knew where their shoes and purses come from, many of them would reject the cruelty. Sadly some people don't care. We have to reach the ones who can care with the truth about  reptile skins and many other things like that. As always education is the key to change.
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