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Bison return to the prairies
Bison were an integral part of the prairies ecosystem of North America. The were all but wiped out and just a few genetically pure plains bison were left. There are about 1500 pure plains bison living at Elk Island National Park in Alberta. Now there are plains bison herds being returned to the land.  In February 2021 a herd of 20 plains bison were welcomed by the Poundmaker Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. It has been more than 100 years since bison lived on the land.

A smaller herd was returned to Waterton Lakes National Park.

The bison were already returned to Banff Alberta in 2017. The herd is doing well there. When Bison are returned to the land, they restore the land the way the wolves restored Yellowstone National Park. When key species are returned the ecosystems are  stabilized and restored. 
In the case of the Plains Bison, they are linked to the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of the Prairies. The People themselves have been decimated and restoring the Bison will also help restore the People as the land is restored.  This is not just conservation, it is a renewal of a land that was broken. Native plants and animals  are returning in some areas. The prairies will never return to the way they were, but there are now stretches of natural prairie. The Plains Bison are very important to this process of restoration. 

Banff Bison Blog:

This is interesting. They are still working with the herd to be sure they are safe and settling in.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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